Piloting of 'JustUS' Prototype

The first three prototype resources were workshopped from May through July 2014 to test both their film content and workshop methodology.

  • SELB Dungannon
  • St Joseph's
  • Strathfoyle
  • Thornhill
  • St Patricks
  • Holy Cross
  • Oasis
  • Corpus Christi
  • Orangefield

Importantly it also enabled us to get direct feedback on the overall approach to working with young people on such sensitive social justice issues from teachers and youth workers.

Feedback from all this is shaping and informing the appropriateness of the resources and methodology and tweaking our approach where necessary.   The results are being extrapolated into the units that will eventually form the full JustUs Programme.

Additionally it has deepened our understanding of the constraints in working within school and youth work settings and strengthened our relationship with the teachers and youth workers who will seed the project.